Shared cars in Helsinki, Tampere, Lahti, and Oulu

Find the nearest car, unlock it with the web app and you’re off!
Operated by 24 Rental Network Oy

Always there for you

Whenever you need a ride, our flexible shared cars are at your disposal. Whether your trip is personal or business, planned or sudden, 24Go saves the day.

24Go runs on your phone browser – no need for time consuming installations and updates.

Here’s how it works


1. Find

Locate and book the nearest car with the web app.

2. Unlock and drive

Open the doors with the web app and get on the road. Enjoy your ride!

3. Leave and lock

Park the car according to city-specific instructions within our service area or on a parking space you have reserved through the app.

All-inclusive price

The all-inclusive price covers everything, from driving to fuel and parking. The web app also puts your reservation on hold automatically when you stop to run errands.

Driving does not get easier than this!


to run errands
  • The car remains reserved for you
  • Your reservation is put on hold automatically
  • Your reservation resumes automatically


Stress-free parking!

Our service area coves almost all city centres. You can also use designated parking spaces to drop off 24Go cars.

24Go is perfect for all kinds of trips


Share a car with your friends, family, or colleagues. It’s fun, good for the environment – and you can split the cost.


Sometimes you just need more from transport. Hop onto a shared car, run your errands, and drive home. The web app pauses your reservation automatically when you’re not driving.

Unexpected situations

Missed the tram by a whisker? No worries, there’s a nice set of wheels just around the corner, all ready and waiting for you.


Show your colleagues and business partners that rushing from one meeting to another can be both easy and ecological.

Quiet hours

24Go is available even when the city sleeps and there are no public transport services.

Long journeys

Need a car for a longer time? Rent a car per hour or per day from our 24Rent service. >


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